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Strength in Simplicity

Crassus is a simple value token. It is used to store and transfer value.

900,000 Total Supply

Total mintage is 900,000. All Crassus are circulating today.

A Strong Foundation

Crassus is implemented following the ERC20 standard, taking full advantage the infastructure of the Ethereum platform.

Readable Units

1 Crassus can be divided into 10,000 parts, with the smallest unit being 0.0001 Crassus. Thus all Crassus values are easily readable.


Crassus was the wealthiest man in Ancient Rome, and ranks among the wealthiest men in world history. This token carries his spirit.


Crassus has no gimmick nor makes any needlessly complicated propositions. Learn more about it by reading the whitepaper.

The Crassus Foundation

Crassus is the work of developers Paul Gibler and Joey Lemberg of the Crassus Foundation. Get in touch at crassusdev@gmail.com.

Contract Address

The Crassus contract is deployed at the address: 0xe5eab46e7779b4e4d81b4e65bb142f9d3704ee77.